CyptoSteam is a decentralized game platform based on Avalanche, consisting of Game Incubator, Launchpad, Distribution Platform, Trading Platform, IM and DAO, and aims to be the bridge to connect all players and meta-universes.
Cryptosteam applies the (3, 3) economic model and optimizes it to be more resistant to a bear market and sustainable: in addition to the financial support from early financing and bonds & LP fees, 80% of the platform revenue will also be used to support the value of $PLAYER (platform currency); meanwhile, the game NFTs are also closely connected to the overall economic model and can be used to accelerate $PLAYER Staking.

Game distribution platform

Chain game and information distribution platform.

Game incubator

CryptoSteam will be dedicated to the incubation of games, provide more application scenarios for developers and crypto foundations, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and metaverse.
Trading platform for game assets
CryptoSteam will provide a decentralized trading platform for all game assets including NFTs and game tokens. NFT Marketplace is an NFT decentralized exchange where users can freely buy and sell in-game NFT assets. The platform will charge a 4.25% transaction fee, and that revenue will enter the Treasury. DEX for all game tokens of various games will be open soon.
CryptoSteam launchpad will focus on crypto games and provide the best projects for investors.
Based on UID, CryptoSteam aims to create the largest crypto game IM and connect players all over the world.
$PLAYER holders will receive the governance and voting rights of the platform through CryptoSteam DAO and help the project develop together.

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